Kim was born in New Zealand and grew up in Invercargill, the Deep South. As a child she was always drawn to the physical – Athletics, Dance and Gymnastics. As a teenager and adult Martial Arts and Aerobics became the focus.

Moving to Australia in her early twenties, fresh out of a Psychology degree and ready for any challenge, she began the search for the Yoga that spoke clearest to her. This was a long journey that spanned many years and forms. It was when she took her first Bikram class that she fell in love. It is the true fusion of the physical that encompasses her natural ability and the mind and soul balance she had always known possible, that made this her perfect self agreement.

She moved to the Gold Coast with her husband Ellis and 3 children in 2012. This marked her progression to the Fire Shaper studio and to begin the life changing experience of the Teacher Training program. Kim is dedicated to continuing her Yoga learning experience and to the ongoing journey as both teacher and practitioner.