Member Support: 

Below are a list of common support questions answered:

1. What is FREE membership?

Free membership means that you do not have a PAID account and you have access to videos that have been made available for free only. With a free membership you will never be charged. Most importantly, with a FREE membership you will never be asked for your credit card details. It is important to know that if at anytime you input your credit card details on this site it is only because you have opted for a PAID membership rather than a FREE one.

2. What is a PAID membership?

A PAID membership allows you access to all videos on Yoginity. Upon signup for a PAID membership you will be asked for your credit card details. Your 1st month  on a PAID membership is free of charge. Following your 1st month you will be charged on your second month for ongoing access. Access charges will continue until you downgrade your membership to a Free account.

3. What happens when I downgrade my membership from paid to free?

Upon your downgrade your will no longer have access to paid videos and will only have access to free videos. Please plan your downgrade appropriately.

4. What happens if I have difficulty logging in?

Sometimes you may need to ensure that your computers cache is cleared before logging into the site. We recommend accessing yoginity from chrome or safari.  If you’re accessing via a mobile device please ensure that all open windows are cleared and please restart the device before logging in again.

5. I forgot to downgrade my membership and now I was charged again. Can I get my money back?

Once your monthly charge has processed you are committed to that months membership. Please plan your downgrade date appropriately so that you do not miss the next downgrade date. 

6. My question is not covered here, can I speak with a support person?

Yes, go to our contact us page and submit a contact ticket. A support person will be in touch within 24 hours or less.



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