Amanda O

Amanda began her journey with yoga in 2013. Training competitively in dance for over 20 years had left her with injuries, and searching for relief. While it didn’t take long for her to feel the physical benefits of yoga, she wasn’t prepared for all of the spiritual and emotional benefits that came with the practice. This is when her life began to change, and she felt more drawn to explore yoga at a deeper level.
In 2015, Amanda began her 200- hour Yoga Teacher Certification training at Become One Yoga with Jody Domerstad, learning functional yoga and the importance of alignment in any yoga practice. Particularly drawn to the Yogic philosophies, Amanda’s class interweaves the teachings of yoga, to inspire and encourage spiritual growth on and off the mat. Amanda offers a safe and balanced flow, designed to give her students the confidence to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

Amanda is a special needs elementary school teacher and loves that yoga is always there at the end of each day. When she’s not on the mat or in the classroom, Amanda enjoys soaking up a book and spending time at home with her family.