Todays burn class started with Pilates moves and then we moved on to core work and push up from table top. Class focused on core, and some lower body strength. We used some weights for biceps and triceps.

BURN | Full Body Workout

One set of weight. Start with plank/push up work, leg work, triceps work, shoulder work as we go from down dog to dolphin and some shoulder lifts, inner thigh work with some curtsey lunges and plies, back work with reverse flys and rows, bridge/chest work, wrapping up...


Plank, work, biceps, shoulders, triceps, abs, a little yoga flow, some leg work, bridge and core work. Full body workout combining strength training, barre and yoga.

BURN | Upper Body and Hip Opening Flow

Join Jen W as she targets major muscle groups in the upper body as well as opening the hips. You will walk away from this class feeling energized, open, and ready to continue your day !