SHAPE | A short explanation

In this brief video clip Dr John will quickly discuss the SHAPE class. It’s an overview of the style, it’s benefits and why you might choose to practice this class.

SHAPE | A New Shape For Any Age

A well structured pilates based yoga class that any level and any age can give a go. Starting with your foundation, your leg and bums have never looked so good!

SHAPE | Tighten & Tone

Everyone has the ability to re-configure their shape. With this class you’ll tone up with our Pilates Yoga mix. Equipment being used in this video include: Pilates Ball & Small Hand Weights

SHAPE | Re-defining Your Shape

Mila, Fire Shaper instructor for Fire Shaper Australia presents a short practice built upon Fire Shapers SHAPE class structure. Strong in pilates based principles Mila will help you become re-acquainted with your core.